The Haa is open from mid April to the end of September.
The Haa facilities include toilets, local information and tea or coffee making.
Funded by Museums and Galleries Scotland
The Haa has a four star museum rating from Visit Scotland.
Tangwick Haa stone work underneath the letters

Family History

The Haa is able to offer help to people tracing their genealogy through local parish records.

The records are held on microfilm and users may be able to  find out location information with assistance from local staff.

Family history resources include paper records and a microfilm viewer.
Extract from the parish record
A limited number of Shetland Times are available on microfilm

Above is an extract from the parish record showing an entry for Ann Hawick a Caretaker in Charge of House   - she was the caretaker for the Tangwick Haa at the time.

In addition to local parish records copies of the Shetland Times are available on film during the period of the First World War. To the left is an extract from an edition in July 1917 reporting the death of Major Harry Cheyne one of the lairds of Tangwick.

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